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About Us

What is Curiosity Kids?

Curiosity Kids is an exciting new project that has been created to give Children and Young people from disadvantaged areas of life fun learning experiences through the use of Science.

Who Funds us?

This Grant project is funded and supported by the 'Children In Need - Curiosity Fund' and 'Oasis Community Centre'. The Grant from 'Children In Need' is to see if Children can have fun through science in the same way they would with other subjects. The goal is not to teach science to Children but to inspire them to have fun through science.

What is our Goal?

Here at Curiosity Kids we want to help Children and Young people to explore the world around them through the use of Science. We take a holistic approach to curiosity incorporating all aspects and styles of learning. We want to nurture a passion for learning and continuous development of self throughout a Child's Life, Which they can carry into adulthood. Our ultimate aim is to be creative, have fun and motivate a curious nature in the Children we work with.

What Age Groups do we work with?

We work with all Children aged 3-14 years through the Curiosity Kids projects we run. Some sessions and Resources we have are aimed at specific age groups simple because of the level of understanding or awareness needed in certain situations.

What kind of Children do we work with?

We work with all Children from all different walks of life however the project is funded by 'Children in Need' so we do have more of a focus on Children who come from disadvantaged places or homes, have suffered from neglect or other unhappy circumstances, have learning difficulties or attention problems and those who are physically or mentally struggling with life etc.

We welcome any and all Children into our project and care for all equally.

Where are we based?

Curiosity Kids is based in the Worksop and Retford area. We operate and run through the 'Oasis Community Centre' in Worksop and run most of our Wonderland Workshops from there.

The Oasis Community Centre provides us with many opportunities for fun with science. It has both indoor and outdoor spaces along with 2 acres of beautifully maintained gardens, greenhouses, Chicken coops and much more. This gives us the perfect backdrop and setting in which to explore the world around us from science in nature, to science in space and everything in between.

Meet the Team



Project Manager/ Fund Raiser


Steve is the mastermind behind this project and many more. He is the one who dreams big and always has new and exciting ideas to motivate the team with!

Co Project Lead


Co Project Lead


Christel comes from a Teaching background, Owns her own messy play company and always brings the Messy fun wherever she goes!

Co Project Lead


Co Project Lead


Josh also comes from a Teaching background, Owns his own Creative Children's and Youth work company and loves finding creative and fun things to do!

Team Member Image 3


Project Worker

Deborah is an amazing team supporter. She has many years of experience working with Children and people with SEN and other disabilities. She is hard working and enjoys a challenge.

Team Member Image 3
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